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Gần 70 khóa học ngắn hạn tại Đan Mạch vào năm 2020

Thứ sáu, 10/01/2020 11:15:36 SA

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University of Copenhagen

Global Health Challenges: a tentative 25 seats available

International Health: a tentative 6 seats available

Urbanisation and Health - global and local perspectives with Copenhagen as a case: a tentative 8 seats available

One Health: a tentative 15 seats available

Interdisciplinary Aspects of Healthy Aging: a tentative 5 seats available

Managing and Analysing Data in Social Science: a tentative 5 seats available  

The Technical University of Denmark

The Threat from Antimicrobial Resistance: a tentative 5 seats available


Nominations of candidates for pre-approval of scholarships by DFC must be submitted to Mikkel Lyndrup (miklyn@um.dkno later than the deadline 7th of February 2020. A confirmation on pre-approved candidates will be sent out in the end of February 2020, after which pre-approved candidates can commence their application to the universities. Please note that candidates should only commence the university application process upon DFC’s confirmation of the preapproval of their DFC scholarship.

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